Goretex | Weatherproof

Created to communicate the benefits of their weatherproof footwear, this ludic and interactive experience uses 4 physical cubes to affect the weather (snow, wind, rain and sun) allowing the user to interact with the digital world, where the characters are controlled by an AI to react in different ways to the weather.


The installation consist in a physical case with a 42’’ screen, the physical GORE-TEX shoe above it, and 4 markers - physical cubes representing different meteorology effects - allowing the user to control the meteorology of the virtual world.


Client: GORE-TEX, Camper

Working at: Doubleyou

Physical Case: Koala Audiovisuals

Role: Animation & 3D production and direction @ Doubleyou

Category: Installation

Tools: Unity, Cinema 4D, After Effects





Mauricio Baffi Pellegrinetti | 2018